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How to choose mechanical keyboard?

A Mechanical Keyboard is a type of Keyboard in which each key of a Mechanical Keyboard has a separate Switch(or Switch) that controls closing. This Switch is also called a "shaft". According to the classification of microswitches, Mechanical keyboard can be divided into tea axis, green axis, white axis, black axis and red axis.

It is because each key is composed of an independent micro movement, so the key paragraph sense is strong, which produces a special feel suitable for the game entertainment, so it is usually as a more expensive high-end game peripherals, is also the ideal equipment for programmers.

Why should I buy a mechanical keyboard separately?

1, mechanical keyboard is the most important axis, mechanical keyboard than ordinary film keyboard long life, good mechanical keyboard life 10 years or even more than 20 years
2, mechanical keyboard use for a long time, the key feel change is very small, and the film can not reach
3. The feeling of the keys on different axes of the mechanical keyboard is different, while the film has a single touch
4, mechanical keyboard can do more than 6 keys without conflict, some mechanical keyboard can be full keys without conflict, and more than 6 keys without conflict of film keyboard is less
5, you can replace the key cap, convenient personality DIY

1, the price is high, because the cost is high, most of the market in 400-800 yuan, more thousands of yuan is not surprising
2, although the keyboard has a long life, but the waterproof ability is poor, need to be careful when using
3, the noise is relatively large when using

1. What is your acceptable level of noise?
Mechanical keyboards have different axes, which have different feel and noise levels. For example, if you use the green axis to type, you may not realize it, but it is actually as loud as a traditional typewriter. So when choose and buy, need to consider to be used in what occasion above all, whether can affect others. If you are in the office and your seat is close to a colleague, it is best to avoid using the green axis.
2, what kind of shaft body is suitable for yourself?
Now many manufacturers of mechanical keyboard are using Cherry MX for the axis body. The main ones are green, red, tea, and black, while others include green, gray, and white (and of course some non-Cherry mechanical keyboards).

The stroke (button depth), trigger stroke, pressure, rebound pressure and sound of different coaxial bodies are different. Here we briefly introduce the four main shaft bodies at present:

The green axis:
Press the loud (crisp), have a strong sense of paragraph, feedback force is light, playing games and text input can be used.

Black shaft:
Known to players as the "game axis," it goes straight up and down like a spring. Press the voice is small, no paragraph feeling, strong feedback.

Tea shaft:
Known as the "universal axis", press the voice is small, there is a sense of paragraph, feedback force is light.

The red shaft:
Is the best comprehensive mechanical shaft, is also a mechanical shaft of cherry proud. It has a high trigger with a black axis and a light hand feel that can't compete with it. Press the voice is small, there is no paragraph feeling, feedback force is light.

3. Try it out in person before making a decision
Good mechanical keyboard price is hundreds of thousands, before buying, he had better go to experience first, test whether its feel suits him, listen to the voice again. And part of the mechanical keyboard shaft body also has a steel plate, can enhance the feedback force. So for the first time to buy the novice, might as well start with the most popular representative of the major brands. When using habits, and then according to their own preferences for targeted pursuit. How to choose mechanical keyboard?
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