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Young people's first mechanical keyboard?

Young people's first mechanical keyboard, hear this familiar lines, do you think xiaomi will be a mechanical keyboard? In fact, although the early years of Xiaomi also came out to do mechanical keyboard news, but the last seems to be because of the price and CHERRY did not talk, finally this project was aborted, and until now there is no below.

However, speaking of mechanical keyboard, it seems to be accompanied by the rapid development of "e-sports" in recent years, and once again into people's vision, why is it "once again"? When mechanical keyboard is actually the product of the earliest, the earliest computers and servers, using all of these mechanical keyboard, but with the popularity of personal computers in the 90 s, computer manufacturers are racking their brains uming to reduce costs, and accompanied by a "industrial revolution", the new products are manufactured, that is "membrane keyboard".

Membrane keyboard has a light weight and thin thickness, the advantages of low cost, and the membrane keyboard is also relying on these advantages, nibbled away most of the keyboard market, became the highest penetration rate in the world the keyboard, and mechanical keyboard is also facing a dilemma was forced to shut down once, but with the passage of time, the membrane keyboard drawback has been exposed, Membrane keyboard while low cost, lighter, but it is very poor, the life of a key feedback is not particularly clear, at that time a lot of players will feel membrane keyboard handle and quality compared with mechanical keyboard compared, at the same time "e-sports" ushered in the new spring, in the rapid development of "esports", and "mechanical keyboard" ultra high exposure, More and more players began to pursue better feel of the mechanical keyboard, it is because of this, mechanical keyboard spring officially came!

With the rise of the mechanical keyboard, whether in the office or dormitory, these years, the crackling keyboard sound has become more and more, "mechanical keyboard" and "film keyboard" love and hate seems to have become more and more intense, but, you are sure to buy the real "mechanical keyboard"? Here is a talk about the purchase of mechanical keyboard some matters needing attention!

First of all, "mechanical keyboard" and "thin film" keyboard is difficult to see the gap in terms of appearance, is the base and key cap, but the mechanical keyboard can lead to better handle and longevity, because in the interior of the keyboard, "mechanical axis" is the most important role, keyboard handle, quality and price is also a gap away from the components, "Membrane keyboard" we all know, internal actually like name, is made up of "plastic film" and "printed circuit", so the world some of the so-called "mechanical" feel, you will see, they are not in the true sense of "mechanical keyboard" said no matter again good, feel is praised again good, can't hide is the essence of "membrane keyboard", Don't be fooled. If you're looking for a mechanical keyboard, if you see the words "mechanical feel," PASS.

Back to "mechanical keyboard" mechanical keyboard mechanical shaft, common have "green axis", "tea axis", "red axis", "black axis", we do not do temporarily and some rare shaft body evaluation, these four axis body? Is currently on the market the most common shaft body, one of the most important thing is to handle problems, here everyone is different to the requirement of the keyboard, Don't say what to play games with black axis ah, typing with green axis ah, girls with red axis and so on, feel this thing is too metaphysical, not sure, so, start with the "mechanical keyboard" before recommending everyone to buy a "test axis", so that you can clearly know that axis body is more suitable for their own.

In addition to the shaft is different, there is also a effects is the brand problem, handle domestic such as "high", "KaiHua", "tiger", etc., each phase coaxial even body, but has a different feel, feel the body mentioned "CHERRY" for quality, also feel are excellent, also people called "original axis", Domestic axis body to a certain extent feel compared to "CHERRY" is a certain gap, but the price is more advantage, if you want to choose a general mechanical keyboard entry, then domestic axis is a very good choice, the price is usually about 100 to 250, compared to the price of the "CHERRY" axis keyboard is more close to the people, For a relatively small amount of money, you can have a completely different experience than the "membrane keyboard," which is very cost-effective.

Key cap common have "ABS" and "PBT" these two materials, personal recommendation "PBT" material, not easy to oil (oil refers to the keyboard used for a long time, the key cap surface will be bright), but also feel better, PBT key cap is more suitable for geeks to DIY their own key cap, But "PBT" material key cap price compared with "ABS" to a little more expensive, which choice depends on you!

Mechanical keyboard, it will bring you feeling is qualitative generally fly, may use it will not make you office, typing with high efficiency, but it can give you more pleasure, that "or" feeling, will touch the rhythm of human being itself, just as people hear very rhythmic dance music, will swing.

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